Why should I book a string quartet for my corporate event?

String quartets add a level of class and elegance that can set you next company meeting or party apart. In situations where a DJ or electrified band would be too loud and obtrusive, a string quartet can play at a volume that is both loud enough to be appreciated, but quiet enough to still carry on important conversations. In addition, your clients and coworkers will appreciate the unique atmosphere that can only be created by a group of live classical musicians.

What do you require to play?

We bring all our own equipment and usually only require a set of four armless chairs at the location. For a full quartet, we generally need at least a 5′ x 10′ space to perform. If the event is to be outdoors for longer than 30 minutes or in inclement weather, we require an area to play in shade or under a tent

What type of music do you play?

Our musicians are classically-trained and all share the ability play a number of styles. From Bach to Beatles, Sinatra to Stravinsky, Elgar to Elvis: we have you covered. During the music selection phase of the booking, we’ll work hard to determine your musical tastes and find the best playlist for your event. If you have a special request, we are happy to locate or commission an arrangement.

What type of dress do you wear?

The dress depends on theme, location, and weather. Normally, women wear black dress clothes and men wear a tux for formal events. For outdoor events in the summer, we may wear light khaki dress clothes to match the setting.. We have even been known coordinate costumes for special themed events.

Can I book a string duet or trio?

While we specialize in quartet performances and believe they provide the best sound, we can accommodate requests for trios and duets.


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